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Exodus 3:7-8

Every man's destiny is a reflection of the hands upon him and the words that have been spoken into his life. A negative strong hand upon a man's destiny and a strong negative pronouncement become a stubborn yoke under which a destiny labours. If such a man must fulfil destiny, he must be emancipated from these negative evil hands and words spoken to his life. Stubborn yokes are forces, powers, hands or evil pronouncements holding very tightly to the destinies of people. Just as negative words spoken into the lives of people slow them down in life, evil hands that are laid on people do the same to delay their arrival at destiny.

That is why you must be careful of the words that are spoken into your life. Every destiny is at the mercy of the hand that is upon him. Why do you think Joseph protested, when his father in his old age was going to lay his hands on his children, and he crossed his hands? He puts the right hand on Ephraim who was the younger brother and the left hand on Manaseh. However, Joseph then protested but the father insisted that was how he was going to do it.

These stubborn yokes exist to afflict a man and his destiny and to  make a man live below divine expectation, family and societal expectations.

When the hand of God comes upon a man, what are the things he will be experiencing?

  1. The hand of God upon a man comes to deliver that man: Deut. 7:8. When the hand of God comes upon a man, it delivers that man from the negative power or force holding such man on the same spot. The hand of God rescues a man from the negative words affecting the life of that man.
  2. The hand of God upon a man adds speed to his destiny: The hand of God cannot be upon a man and that man will still be stagnant in life. Compulsorily, the life will make progress.
  3. The hand of God upon a man opens his grave, his doors and his heaven: Eze. 37:12. Life will be frustrating when a man is in the grave of life, operating under closed heaven but the hand of God in operation makes a huge defference.
  4. The hand of God upon a man provokes his lifting: The hand of God upon a man causes things to work for him without stress.
  5. The hand of God upon a man strengthens him to go through the battles of life without giving up until victory is secured.


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