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Matt. 19:2-8
One of the things that the fall of man negatively affects is the institution of marriage. It was the process of the fall of Adam and Eve that brought the blame into marriage. God meant the institution of marriage to be beautiful and enjoyable but the fall of man turned what was supposed to be beautiful and enjoyable to shame. There are some people who marry years back, who said “I do” gladly but are now saying “am no more doing”. There are many marriages that appear moving but are not working. Many husbands and wives wear the same cloth but they are not united. Many couples are smiling to each other but they are not truly happy. And the truth is, if a man is not happy at home, he can never succeed in other things he does.

What are the practical tips to a happy marriage?
1. Marry your friend or befriend your spouse again: Prov. 17:17a. The only person that can constantly love when you are fine, when you are not fine, during ups and down is your friend. Your friend is the person whose presence you appreciate and much desire. You always long for his presence and many times your friend will offend you but you forgive him/her and move on with the relationship. Prov. 18:24, SOS. 5:16. If your marriage must be successful, you both must be each other's friend. What were the things that got your wife attracted to you? Keep doing it, ditto for the wife.
2. Avoid marriage out of Desperation: This is particularly to the singles. Never marry out of frustration or desperation. There are some ladies, you can almost see desperation on their expressions. What this does is that, it gives you out for exploitation. Marrying out of desperation already sentenced a woman to a marriage that will not know happiness. Desperation exploit you and makes you settle for less.
3. Bend, if you don't want to break: Marriage breaks because parties involved are not broken. You must be broken if you don't want your marriage to break. Eph. 5:21. The marriage institution is the only place where compromise is allowed. Gen. 24:64. If your marriage must be successful, don't always insist on your right.
4. To avoid liability, share responsibility: In marriage, if it is only one person that is responsible, carrying the load of the family, such a marriage will be parasite in nature. In marriage, burdens are lighter if it is both that lift it, but if it is one person that is carrying everything, problems will soon start in that home. If your marriage must be successful, responsibilities must be shared.
5. Vision and not television must control your home: Young ladies, please don't marry because of what is in his account. Marry a man because of what drives him and not because of what he drives. It is lack of vision that will make a man to live in a rented house for five years without saving money to buy a land. All he does is to spend money on girls, taking friends to beer-parlour, no sense of vision at all. The 3 bedroom that some people would have built, they have used it to build their bellies. Be wise!


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