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2 Timothy 3:1-5


The kingdom is not in words but in power, and this power is absolutely necessary because of the age we are in. 1 Cor. 4:20. We live in a wicked and cruel world. Psalms. 74:20. It is the age that is characterized by selfishness.

Despite the wickedness and the evil that is going on in our days, God has made a way of escape for His children.


The ways of escape are:

  1. The name of Jesus: Prov. 18:10, John. 1:12, Phil.2:9-10. I can never forget an incidence that I once experienced, I took a group of people to Eleyele river for water baptism many years back, precisely in the late 80's. There was this young lady who was deep in the occult but had given her life to Christ. As soon as the vehicle stopped at Eleyele, she stood stiff and was walking straight to the river. Six men tried to stop her from entering the river but she threw them away. I ordered her to stop and come back in the name of Jesus and she did, kneeling down, before me.

Hebrews. 2:3. There is no other way to escape the wickedness of this age outside the name of Jesus. To escape the evil of this age, the name of Jesus must be involved.


  1. Your recognition: Acts. 19:13-15. Every believer in Christ Jesus carries a mark of identification. It is a mark that gives you recognition. Gal. 6:17. For the earth to give you recognition, you must be known in heaven. Rev. 9:1-4.


  1. Acceptable life or righteous living: Numb. 23:21-23. Righteous living makes a man to be immuned from the attacks of the enemies. It is very risky to play church.


There are 3 people you cannot deceive:

i. You cannot deceive God.

ii. You cannot deceive the devil.

iii.You cannot deceive yourself.

As long as the children of Israel embraced righteous living, the enemy could not penetrate into their lives. The moment they started sleeping around, their spiritual immunity got broken and that gave the enemies legal ground to destroy them. Until the sin question is solved, a man will always become a prey in the hand of the enemy. One of the ways to escape the wickedness of this age is to embrace righteous living. John. 14:30.


  1. The blood of Jesus: The reason we eat the flesh and drink His blood is not for rituals. The flesh and blood of Jesus exempts us from all evil. There is power in the blood of Jesus, for it is God's ultimate sacrifice. Everything God has to offer humanity, He packaged it through the blood of His son, Jesus. Exodus. 12:13.



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