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John 2:1-11

The general rule and norm in marriage is that after 2-10 years of marriage, men are already drunk. They start looking for mistress out there. Women too are always drunk, tied of their men. Most couples are still living together, enduring their marriages. The marriage they once enjoyed together is now getting to a point where they want to go their separate ways.


How do we preserve the best wine in our marriage?

  1. By inviting Jesus into your marriage and relationship: John 2:2. In John 4, a woman who was married to 5 men at the well of Samaria was never satisfied. Let me make myself clear to you that, no man can satisfy you woman, man, please understand that no woman has the capacity to satisfy you. If you are waiting for your satisfaction through your spouse, you will be disappointed. Until you meet Jesus, dissatisfaction in marriage continues. It is Jesus in a man's life that will empower him to endure and accommodate the things you wouldn't ordinarily have taken. It is when Christ is not in a marriage that a man will be beating his wife. Also for a home where Jesus is not invited, the woman will be cheating on her husband.
  2. By prayer: If your marriage must stand the test of time, if the wine in your marriage must not go sour, you must be a man or a woman who bends his/her knees in prayer. Husbands, do you find time to pray for your wives? Wives, do you also find time to pray for your husbands? When you stop praying for your spouse, the faults of your spouse begins to get magnified. The devil is never happy seeing a man and a woman carrying together in marriage. He has been fighting the institution of marriage right from inception. It takes a solid prayer life to keep the devil at bay in your marriage.
  3. By obedience to God's word and obedience to principles and instructions: John 2:5. When you pattern your marriage on God's word, principles and instructions, you will always have the best in your marriage.
  4. Service: John 2:5. Somebody must be willing and ready to serve in any marriage that will last. Luke 22:27. One of the keys to excellent marriage is service. To keep having the best wine in your marriage, both of you must serve each other. Service strengthens the bond of love between a man and his wife.
  5. By the practice of mutual submission: Ephe. 5:21. The wife is instructed to submit to her husband while the husband is mandated to love his wife. There will always be a time when there will be misunderstanding in marriage and at that time, compromise will be healthy in that marriage. If there is nobody to bend in marriage, the home will break.
  6. By having sex regularly: Marriage where sex is scars, stress will be plenty. Couples who have healthy sexual interaction fight less. One major hindrance to having a healthy sexual interaction is offences. The truth is, husband and wife will keep stepping on each other's toes, the moment anyone of them notice communication gap, they must settle it immediately, hence it will affect their sexual relationship.



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