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Numbers 17:1-10.

Every man desires to be fruitful in life. There are two important persons and two principal personalities when it comes to a man being fruitful in life and destiny.

Genesis 2:5. For fruitfulness to happen in the life of any man, two factors must be in place:

  1. A man must till the ground: It is after the man has tilled the ground that the second factor can be effected .
  2. God must bring the rain: If there is no man to till the ground, there won’t be fruitfulness. Even after there is a man to till the ground, if God doesn't cause the rain to fall, fruitfulness will never happen. It is the involvement of God in the activities of a man that causes him to secure result in life.


What does the rod of Aaron represent?

i. It represents a life or a destiny against whom men have done violence. Genesis. 49:22-25. Men went to a tree and on the tree, they spotted a branch that could bear fruit and cut it down. They cut it off from the stem, thereby depriving it the ability to produce fruit and to bring forth result. They did violence to this rod. There are many people today against whom people have done violence. There are people you have assisted; they have turned back to stab you.

ii. It represents a life or a destiny that is totally dry, that is,

someone whose case seems beyond redemption.

iii. It represents a life or destiny to whom people already concluded on, that it is over. People may think it is over with you or may even give up on you, but as long as you have not given up on yourself, your story will change for good.

iv. It represents people that have been termed

incapable or unqualified. Despite all that was done to Joseph, he prospered and blossomed. The rod that Aaron had carried for  years, (Moses carried it for 40 years; Aaron also carried it for another

40 years, making it 80 years),  had been cut off from the stem of life. It had been separated from the ability to produce.


How can such rod now produce? What were the factors responsible for the blossoming of Aaron's rod?

  1. The presence of God: Numbers 17:7. No matter the violence men have done to you, as long as you remain in the presence of God, you will blossom again. Gen. 39:2. A man who carries the presence of God enjoys all-round fruitfulness. The secret of Joseph's fruitfulness was the presence of God. It does not matter who leaves you, as long as God has not left you, you will blossom again.
  2. The election, choice and the approval of God: Romans. 9:10-12. Romans. 16:10. Every man that will be fruitful in life must first secure the approval of God.
  3. The strength of God: 2 Kings 19:3. Everybody needs strength to bring forth in life. Gen. 49:24. You need strength to withstand pressures that are coming against you. Strength is another requirement to move a destiny from one level to another level.


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