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Light Impact Academy

Light Impact Academy is a primary organ of Lighthouse International Christian Centre to “raise models of integrity and power”for God this end time.

Eagle Brand

Be part of the marriageable single and learn how to develop and sustain a good relationship, Come and you will be blessed. Come with a friend

Kings’ Daughters

And Jesse said unto David his son, take now for thy brethren ephah of this parched corn, and these ten loaves and run to the camp to thy brethren;

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To Raise End Time Models of Integrity, Power and Purpose.


To be an evangelistic caring family, committed to every member’s total fulfillment through teaching and creating an atmosphere of worship and ministry in partnership with the Holy Spirit.



  • O Lord, let me encounter the light of Your word to live a better Christian life.
  • Blood of Jesus (3x), purge my body and heart from every deposit of darkness in Jesus name.
  • I destroy every system or programme activating darkness in my in my business, academic and family in Jesus name.
  • O Lord, let LIGHTHOUSE INTERNATIONAL CHRISTIAN CENTRE be a channel through which Your light will shine into the darkness of this generation.
  • Nigeria (3x), come out of every pit where darkness has thrown you in Jesus name.


  • You are divinely favoured.
  • Your enemies shall fall for your sake.
  • Your expectations shall not be cut short.
  • You shall not weep.
  • Your interest shall be protected.


A friend came to me complaining of medical compilations. She had serious affliction all over her body. We came to the altar to pray and I told her to roll on the alter. To God be the glory, she called me two days later that all her afflictions were gone.

Pst. Mrs Famakinwa

Praise the Lord. I want to thank God for promoting me in my place of work. I resigned because I have been due for my promotion and it was not forth coming. To the glory of God, my boss called me and then promoted me.

Bro. Peter

Praise the Lord. I woke up with a victorious song in my heart. As I knelt down, singing the song, I then felt something cold under my foot, as I checked, it was a big scorpion. To God be the glory, I was able to kill it.

Bro. Tobi

Praise the Lord. I was trusting God for promotion in my place of work. During Shiloh, my word came and I held on to it. Just last week, my present H.O.D announced that I have been promoted to occupy the space of Mass Communication Department H.O.D. I do not qualify for it, but God broke protocols because of me.

Dcn. Soji

Fresh Fire Service – May 6, 2018

Geplaatst door Lighthouse International Christian Centre op Zondag 6 mei 2018

Moriah Prayer Meeting – March 14, 2018

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